Our primary apostolate consists in the witness of our consecrated life, fostered by prayer, penance and apostolic ministry.  As members of the Church which is missionary in nature, we undertake missionary apostolate by readily and willingly going forth to manifest God’s love for His people, even “to the ends of the earth”. In our missionary apostolic activities, we try to adapt to local conditions and identify with the people, after the example of Mother Mary Charles Walker, our Foundress.  

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Through education both at the school and parish, we share in the teaching ministry of Christ as we teach, train and prepare our students to meet the challenges of life with faith and not just to obtain certificates. Love, justice and dedication are the characteristics of our schools.
Care Giving
We participate in the healing ministry of Christ, in serving the young, elderly, sick and suffering with love, patience and sympathy. We minister through to children in the before and after school programs, to the sick and elderly in improved health-care services in hospitals, care homes and by home visits. Registered Nursing is also within our ministry, as we work for the spiritual and material well-being of all without discrimination.
Parish Ministry
In our parish ministry, we follow the gospel mandate to “Go teach all the nations …” and impart the gospel message to different classes of people. Since the young are the foundation on which to build a strong local Church, we work diligently to serve bring Catechism classes, the Liturgy of the Word and Sacramental Preparation classes, in order to give our children the moral instructions and inculcate in them sound religious discipline. We also engage in Religious Education Programs, Retreats, Liturgical Ministries and Ministry to the sick and homebound.
With The First Nations People
Ministering to the First Nations People in remote, Northern Communities in Manitoba encompasses the breadth of work in apostolic ministry. We bring faith and education to young and old in the community, give care to the young, elderly, sick and suffering, as well as serve as Ministers within local parishes and as Parish Life Directors at the Poplar River and Beren’s River First Nation Reserves.


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