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April 10: St. Fulbert

Born: In Italy

Died: April 10, 1029

Goodness begets goodness. This saintly bishop as a young studious and humble man won the admiration of one his teachers who later became a pope Sylvester 11. The Pope entrusted him with a position in Rome. On his return to France the bishop of Chartres Diocese made him saint Fulbert a chancellor of the diocese and also put in-charge of the Cathedral Schools.

He discharged these duties faithfully well to satisfaction of everyone and to the extent that the Schools became the most revered and talked about educational center in France. Many students from across Europe attended these Schools.

He was intelligent, studious and hard working. No wonder, he was unanimously chosen the bishop after the death of then bishop; a position he protested.

He was spiritually popular. a renowned preacher of the Good News, a caring and loving shepherd and an educator. A Marian devotee as a well as a composer of many Marian hymns with particular reference to “You choirs of New Jerusalem” an Easter hymn.

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