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April 4: St. Isidore of Seville

BORN…in Spain.


Saint Isidore of Seville had two brothers who were bishops and a sister who were all saints.  One can quickly notice, that, he came from a very devout and pious family. From his youthful age he dedicated himself to the service of the church and prepared himself for his sacred ministry by virtue and learning.

He assisted one of his brother bishop in winning souls for Christ and fortunately upon the death of later, was made to succeed him as the bishop of the same place(Seville).

Saint Isidore assisted in bring Spanish Church to an ecclesiastical discipline. He was prolific writer and good in learning languages such as Hebrew, Latin, Greek to mention but a few. He worked tirelessly for thirty seven years for the spiritual growth of the diocese. He distributed all his money to the poor. He expired calmly to his Creator.

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