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January 26: Saints Timothy and Titus, Bishops

Saint Timothy
Saint Timothy was born at Lystra in Lycaonia. He was an educated man who had great interest in reading the Bible though a convert who just embraced the faith at that time in the company of his mother and grand mother through the preaching of Saint Paul.

The Christians in the vicinity who had admired his faith, outstanding virtues and love for God and humanity recommended him to apostle Paul on his second missionary journey to Lystra. Saint Timothy was in fact a good and faithful companion to apostle Paul who sent him on difficult, confidential missions. He earnestly stood by Paul in good and in bad times.

He worked and died as a bishop in Ephesus in winter.   Saint Timothy is invoked against stomach disorders.

St. Titus

He also worked with the apostle Paul as an old friend. As a bishop, he worked in Crete and was later transferred to Corinth. In fact, he was the most cherished disciple of Saint Paul. This was shown in Paul’s constant instruction to him admonishing him to take good care of his flock.

He assiduously carried out this instruction until he went to meet with his master Jesus whom he served so well about the year 96A.D.


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