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January 24: St. Francis De Sales

Birth:  1567
Died: 1622
Patron Saint of Writers.
Outstanding Virtue: Loving God in every event of life.

Saint Francis De Sales was a Philosopher, Theologian, Civil and Canon Lawyer.   He abandoned all the honours lined up for him as well as his parents high plans for him and embraced the call to priesthood.

He laboured zealously with compassion which yielded a massive conversion in the Parish he was ministering. He did more even as a bishop. He was an exemplary leader who love his faithful with no discrimination all for the sake of the kingdom of God. Saint Francis worked hard for the sanctification of the Laity in ordinary life style and encouraged the Priests and Religious to live a life in imitation of Christ

He was also the founder of the Order of the Visitation and the author of the book titled Introduction to a Devout Life.  He died a holy death with word “Jesus” on his lips.

Prayer: Thank you God Almighty Father for the gift of this saintly bishop and help us by his intercession to love everybody You created and serve you in love and truth Amen.

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