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May 2: St. Athanasius

Bishop and Doctor of the Church

Born: about 296 at Alexandria.

Died: MAY 2, 373

Saint Athanasius was popularly known as the “the Great Champion of faith.”  He inherited this faith from his Christian parents. He has his mentor bishop Alexander from his native city. He made a constant progress in educational learning and in virtue.

Saint Athanasius served as a Patriarch for two years and a burning desire for monastic life drove him into the desert to have retreat with Saint Anthony. He took part in the Nicaean Council and was very influential in bringing the Arians to order.

He became the bishop of Alexandria after the death of bishop Alexander. As a result of his tireless efforts in putting the Arians in the right track, he was exiled for seventeen years. He died peacefully on May 2nd 373.

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